Renovation Of Design Apartments

Source: Houzz

Simple decisions in the series, " Why didn't I get into my head? "

Some of the bars are confusing the walls in an interface with the husband, believing that he should be chosen once and for all. No, there's a thousand legitimate ways to change the picture in front of the eyes without retracting. For starters, 44 ideas from Russian and foreign projects.

1. The carpet in the frame.
Don't laugh, but one of the most original ideas that can paint the wall is the carpet. As long as he's in the frame and behind the glass. It looks solid, museum and hypoalergenic.

2. Ohi in the frame.
Some of the vows cost so much that they're cheaper to put money on the wall. Another case is that they can only be used as a decor, for example, as a big picture in an effective bike. Well, then there's a point of hunting for the sale of the walls. You won't need more roll anyway.

3. Painting
You're not going to be entertaining them just in the process of gluing! For the boy's room, in this Moscow project, the masters selected the oui-paint with a drawing on the jungle. It's supposed to be three years for the baby.

4. Destination
Another idea of paint can be borrowed from this Canadian project. The Diseners celebrated a cave painting on the raw concrete, and then covered the special convoy so that the walls could be washed without prejudice to the interior and the psychotic. Now, the kids, the squeeze of admiration, they're decorating skirts.

What's especially pleasant is that the picture of the small, original people has done it, which means we have the strength.

5. Figure on the wall
No paint will match the opportunity to paint anything on the wall that will be worthwhile. At least for a decent man. The drawing can flow smoothly into a voluminous installation. Example is a wall decor in the photo.

6. _
This plumb was created for the daughter of the Lada Zasimova designer. Bardelli, with a large flower drawing, has a strip zone. And a wooden wall across the street is painted with a similar motive.

7. Speed on the trafarite
At school, did they think that an ESO was a bully? In fact, the decommissioning of the trafarite wall does not require special skills, only neatness. In the photo above, the flowing glycinic branch, the reference below is the master class from the designer Jeanne Makaeva.