Квартира в английском стиле на Васильевском острове .Санкт

English Style Apartment

It's easy to put your house in the best British traditions! What needs to be taken into account in order to give your home an atmosphere of “old good England”?

In the photo:

Housekeeping is in English style, which is, above all, a saturated dark tone in furniture and interior.

Who recommended English style in the interior?

  • Residents of small apartments. In the traditional English house, the premises are small, and anyone can seem even close. These tiny rooms aren't much better than our cheeks.
  • Classic fans. English style in the interface can be described as " aristocratism and restraint " . Someone in English will be old-fashioned but not conservative.

The ear chair is one of the British most interior objects.

  • The collectors of all kinds (farforth elephants, napkins, etc.). Those who have no life without taking every inch of the free surface of the table.
  • Furnishers♪ Asketam, which is satisfied with the " necessary minimum " , the English interior is opposed. The house in English is a shell of furniture.
  • Bibles. The English style in the interior is threefold: the book assembly, the fireplace and the special fire chair near it. I mean, you're gonna have to put a couple of bookstores in front of them, and there's a nice ear chair in front of them.

In the photo:

English style shows people reading and collecting books in the house.

Someone's going to call that interior fuzzy, and someone's gonna count the british-style sample in the interior.

It's not always possible to put a real fireplace, but it's a decoration fit. By the way, since the 1960s, Britain has been banned from sinking, and the English are also satisfied with electricity or bio-ochags.


As many trees as possible! Wooden decorative panels on walls, carnage, blintus. Suffice in English, there are walls, half-cut wood, half-decorated walls. The natural tree is a very expensive tree, so we can use panels decorated under wood.

The wooden walls are so English

Site tissues with roses, flicks, all these houses in English look a little old. Tinly British are considered to be the two sides in a wide strip of dark green and dark red flowers.