Камин на кухне

Fireplace Design In The Apartment

A fireplace is often banned or problematic in a city apartment. But still, some options are possible.

The weight of the fire portal. When selecting the model, draw attention to its weight: not all closures can withstand large stone portals. Therefore, it is better to stop either lighter material (e.g. wood) or smaller. The missing top is decorated by the marble stove, brick and other boxes, or leaving a small niche that is lighted. If you want to be here, you can light a few candles or put a stack of wood, like they haven't been sunk yet.


Living fire simulation. Basically, your electrokin is a portal in which an electric shock is installed. The design only seems to be built-in: the formalized ones call only the stones whose top is deep in the wall, and the building is a portal. But in this case, the dimensions of the 22-25 cm to be installed are sufficiently deep within the portal itself.

There is no need to compare modern electron models with “heating” of Soviet production. Today, the electric fire in the interior can not only simulate the flames, but even create an illusion of glued coals. His work has often been accompanied by a characteristic sound of cracking wood.

Examples of electrons.

The electro-ocamine will be useful in the intersex when the temperature in the room is low and the heat has not yet been activated. Most models will handle the heat of one room.

The only difficulty in the installation of an electric car is the organization of a hidden wire (this will have to slap the walls). But there's always a cable-canal in the blintus. Or just to get a hull furniture with a built-in electrician.

In the photo:

Biocamines and electrocamines are sometimes integrated into furniture: very unexpected hybrids, such as photos, are produced in the bookcase.