Ремонт в 2х комнатной квартире

Renovation Of The Apartment By Its Own Forum

We're looking at all kinds of furniture: baby, bathroom, living room, day furniture, bedrooms, soft, casing, etc. It's beautiful and right to make furniture, advice, recommendations.

  1. Furniture for apartments and suburban houses. Shell, soft, sweaty furniture; furniture for living rooms, children ' s, bedrooms, rooms and rooms. We'll discuss the furniture and materials that are ready to make furniture with our hands. Lessons learned, technical techniques, classrooms, photos and video reports on furniture Theme: 286 Communications: 7.527
  2. Furniture for veranda, terrace, conversation and garden. Project, collect materials, study technical techniques for the processing and construction of furnishings. Lessons learned, photographic and video reports of furniture produced by our hands Theme: 116 Communications: 4.932
  3. How to pick up the cooking furniture. How to design an ergonomic and auxiliary kitchen furniture. We're discussing modern furniture technology: furnament, hull, façade, tablets. Lessons learned from the construction of kitchen furniture and furniture for the cafeteria with our hands Theme: 164 Communications: 6.539
  4. Classical equipment, techniques and materials used in the repair and restoration of furniture. Removal, repair, repair of furniture with his hands. Discuss, share desalination techniques, separating, decorative material and coatings: tissues, furnitur, spontaneous, LCM, etc.; tools used during repair and refurbishment of furniture Theme: 41 Communications: 4.418