Ремонт в новостройке по шагам

Renovation Of The New Apartment With His Hands

Ремонт квартиры своими руками | Ремонт квартир в СПб от группы компанийHave you decided to renovate your apartment with your hands, even though until now you've been helping friends with this difficult case? Well, it's time to start with something: we're sure you have well-founded reasons to get a new and beautiful repair with minimal cost. Especially now, as you know, you have to save everything.

After a long thought, you may decide to proceed without the use of the contractor. This is well-founded and explained, given the cost of construction and repair services in today ' s market. And the master can't give you some of the value, because he needs to:

♪ Take care and spend on their own instruments;

♪ Buy special clothes;

♪ Fucking self-defense.

Of course, hope can't just die. All the more so, most of your friends and relatives have survived the apartment, and almost all are confirmed in myths that the private master, and especially the master ' s own hands, will allow maximum cozyness in the apartment. Because a decent and experienced master can be found, but he'll still have the pay. And if you count on the costs of the process on your own, given the value of the materials, it's a ungrateful case. The only thing that will be important in this situation is to carefully consider all the costs that amateurs simply cannot take into account because of lack of experience.

Of course. renovation of the apartment not to require the abilities of the gastabulary, but certain skills in the sequestration and interior design are mandatory. You may be able to open up a long-standing talent, and the renovation of the apartment will take place quickly and at an altitude, but it will still require sufficient assistance and, at a minimum, a person with whom to communicate and consult.

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