Дизайн интерьера квартиры

Vision Interior Of The Studio Apartment

Studio San Francisco: cA coat on the office.
Donnie and Nicole Chu-Wang of San Francisco didn't just build a second floor in their four-metre ceiling studio, but they got a roommate. Thank you for your family friend, the architect Peter Swan and his colleague Charles Irby. When the owners told Peter that they lacked room for a guest bed, a house office and additional closets, he returned with a draft transformer section. We can see her in the picture.

The master's bed is upstairs, the guesthouse is downstairs, throwing away from the wall. In a state of affairs, she serves as a record board (highly available, given that both spouses work at home). There is a desk with a built-in monitor, a luncheon table, and a lot of storage spaces inside and outside.

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