Идеи дизайна квартиры студии

The Idea Of Designing A Studio Apartment

At least once in his life, each of us has experienced repairs in the apartment. If you ask what place in the apartment caused the greatest number of difficulties during repairs, many will answer KUHNY! Often, it's the kitchen that becomes a stumbling block because of its small size. Today, we asked designers, professionals in our case how to organize a kitchen space on just a few square metres and asked to share their most interesting projects.

Design Councils

Can space be visually increased and all necessary?

Elena Uranova, Chief architect, INSTATUS studio design manager

Yes, there are a number of designers that we often use in such cases. First, we need to use the entire height of the kitchen space. It is often possible to see a situation where, in high ceilings (2, 9-3, 2 m), people establish a standard kitchen garrith. I mean, over the top drawers, it's over 80 cm of unused height! Thereafter, boxes and other unnecessary junk are placed on them. Yes, the order of a high-level kitchen garrithur to the ceiling will cost more than that, since the non-standard long top closets will need to be worked out or, if the height allows, the second row of the top boxes. But this will greatly enhance storage capacity! Especially those things that you do not use every day, but still need to be stored in the kitchen. And plus, it's an appearance! If the kitchen reaches the ceiling, it looks less crowded, because the eye stops catching the thickness of the kitchen closets. We believe that this geometry of the kitchen looks more architectural and stylish!

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