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A Corridor In A Small Apartment

Coridor can be called the face of the house. It's the first space that all the entrances enter, so planning the corridor design in a small apartment needs to be carefully planned. Everyone likes to be in the hidden spaces with fresh repair and intercepted style. You can turn your hallway into a little cozy fortress that will characterize you in front of the guests only on the bright side, showing not only the taste but also the propensity for designer searches. Even if the space is not as simplic as you wish, don't let your hands down. A corridor in a small apartment can sometimes be much more stunning than an interer of simplic choirs.

Дизайн коридора в маленькой квартиреA corridor in a small apartment: wall and floor

The corridor repairs usually start when the other rooms are ready. That makes sense, because if we start fixing the passage room, we're gonna have to recharge it as the building debris is removed from the others. But you still need to think about the corridor design in advance. Everything has to be harmonized: colour gamma of separation and furniture, stylist solutions. It'll be better if you give me an example of a future project.

Дизайн коридора в маленькой квартиреThe corridor in a small apartment should start with the floor and walls. It's very important to get the right stuff, because there's a lot of dirty shoes in this room. And if you think about it. design of a small parishDon't forget, because of the limited space, the dirt will spread all over the perimeter.

In a simplic corridor, you can find a place even for a small carpet, but in a small one, it'll be inappropriate, so just pick up the floor material, given that it won't have to be further decorated.

A corridor in a small apartment can be refreshed by a stove. It's beautiful and practical. Choose the one that has a high laundry resistance and has a heavy load. The bottom of the floor is that it's cold, not always there's room for extra heat.

Lenoleum is cheaper, but less practical. You can choose any truth and color - there's a linoleum in stores that simulates the natural stone, the plug. It's not that cold, but if there's a picture on it, it's gonna start washing in a couple of years. And hurting linoleum with heels is pretty easy.

Дизайн коридора в маленькой квартире Дизайн коридора в маленькой квартире Дизайн коридора в маленькой квартире Дизайн коридора в маленькой квартире