Интерьер маленькой

A Small Studio Apartment

Let's talk about small studios and receptions for as comfortable as possible. So the design of a small studio apartment has the following basic rules:

The best interior style is minimism, hai-tec or Scandinavian.
The predominant color is white, dairy, sand, blonde, and that kind of shade.
Don't be afraid of white for sterility: a few bright spots in the interior and
The apartment is becoming cozy and harmonious.
Contemporary combinations of flowers are black and white, white and gray, white and brown
(from dark to refugee).
Large chandeliers take space, so only point lights on the perimeter.
They can be insulated, and in furniture, the additional light will visually expand the room.
It's worth giving up the torschers. Nail vases, statues or big flowers in the mountains are not the best choice.
Different decorative elements are the privilege of large and simple apartments.
The furniture for the studio apartment shall not be placed strictly on the perimeter of the room,
and closets should be tall and narrow as possible.
Ladies and gentlemen of the table, let them be better from the glass.
In zoning, it is desirable not only to use different walls or floors,
but also suitable furniture (e.g. small shell, closet or bar) in the next, we'll tell the main points for each room.

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