Dedign Apartments Programme

(Signed) Dizine Interière 3D - It's a convenient programme for the 3D-diseine interior. Allows us to reschedule the apartment in half an hour, set up furniture in the rooms and set up a visual design of the room. There's a good interface and easy learning.

Basic possibilities of produce:

1. Quick redesign of apartments and offices
2. Furniture and equipment
3. Over 120 built-in materials
4. Preparing collection of furniture
5. 3D-Disin interfaces in real time

The programme also enables the design design designs to be retained and printed to select the best option. So you'll be able to accurately present all the rooms before repairs, which will save a lot of time and money.

"Disein Interrier 3D" doesn't require 3D design or graphic design skills, and it's gonna be great for even a starter. The programme website contains detailed videos to enable everyone to become an interior design professional!