Дизайн ванной 3.5 кв метров

The Apartments Are Small

Budjet Interriers series
Budget interfaces, very often on the pages of the Ikea catalogues and sites, are designed for the so-called middle class. The designer ' s vision in this case is “good design is an unlimited fantasy in a limited budget."
Characteristics of the IKEA budget interface.
A small area of housing (the small apartment of IKEA considers the area below 80 square metres)
Predominant open storage systems (stellar, Poles, Reilings),
Presence of old (b/o, second jand), vintage and furniture (a, to do, to save!)
Multifunctional furniture,
And hend meade. with your hands.)
So the budget interface from IKEA is a little far from our skandinistry.
(In fact, from our perceptions of the modern interior).