Дизайн для квартиры для семьи

Disein For The Apartment

#### Modern design ###
Super soft air carpets from 100% kerines.
• The content of such a substance as lanolin, the meridian buckle has anti-bacterial properties (good buckle for children, allergies, people with sensitive skins);
∙ Mercinos products are well warmed in the cold and not overheated in the warmer weather;
∙ very hygro-copic material (which can absorb up to 30%-33% of its own weight). Even with a slight stance, heating continues;
• Not only has a absorbing effect, but also a driving force;
• Given the specific structure of the fiber, the meridose buckle has a filthy and self-cleaning effect. Things from the petronicus don't require frequent laundry, sometimes it's easy enough to vent the product or process the ferry;
∙ With the right care, with the conditions of cleaning and storage, the products will not welcome you for one season;
• It is easily stretched and quickly returned to the original form;