дизайн квартиры студии

Ekaterinburgh Apartment

Ordering an apartment design is, in fact, the only way to get a complete, stytic and functional solution to your house in the foreseeable period. Attempts to self-design the interior design often end well, the interior of the apartment remains diverse, incomplete, uncomfortable. The directors of the Gradis are developing a whole project, starting with the functional planning of the premises and accrual selection of accessories and lighting.

The design of the apartment is the main guide to building your house. It includes planning, building documentation, collection of separate materials and textiles, furniture layout, lighting schemes, and even a formal atmosphere of the house as examples of accessories. By ordering interior designYou save time and money, because you don't buy unsuitable things, and you don't override the elements already created.

Diesine can be developed not only for a new apartment, but also in cases of the consolidation of two apartments or the accession of new premises to existing ones. The design of a small apartment makes it possible to rationalize space and to carry out all the necessary functions for a comfortable life.

In addition, we know almost all suppliers of unique and rare separation materials, have concluded dozens of dealer agreements with furniture, lighting and plumbing suppliers, and we have our own production of purchased furniture. All this enables us to guarantee better design and design at Catherineburg and other cities.

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