Дизайн квартир люкс


Ремонт квартир класса Люкс в Иркутске, элитный ремонт.Lux or Elite repair. Let's figure out what's meant by these concepts. Over the long time we've been working on the renovation of the apartments in Irkutsk, we've done sequencing and successfully commissioned a sufficient number of Lux repairs. Thanks to this experience, we have a broad understanding of this type of space separation.

It should be said that this is a very interesting type of repair that will bring into effect the most unexpected and original ideas that can highlight the identity and nature of the owners of the apartment or house. The range of options for design and separating spaces, now, is so wide and multi-faceted that allows even the bravest of your fantasies to be realized! It can alter the geometry and the image of the premises to the unknown!

Lux class repair begins apartment interior design Or home. This is one of the most important stages of repair, and it is a form of foundation for all subsequent scheduling. The interrier develops a design project that takes into account the customer ' s ideas and wishes. Steel, colour gamma, lighting, furniture, etc.

Next, the design-project is being implemented by the D.O. It should be known that this type of repair is a technologically complex process that requires a certain skills, skill and experience in the conduct of the work. The Elite Squad better trust the professionals in his case, so we don't regret any further nerves and financial losses. What is often the case when graduates or, not sufficiently skilled, masters are recruited for a job that requires a high professional level.

The market for building materials, for class Lux, to date, is just a big deal! Elite repairs are often used: Venetian art, various decorative paints, natural tree, natural or artificial stone, rims of natural natural materials, polyurethane petals, walls and ceilings painted or muralized, and many others. Everything here depends on your desire and financial opportunity.

The cost of repairing the Lux-grade apartment will depend on the complexity of the works and the cost of construction materials. Typically, the price of the elite is higher than the cosmetic or major repair of the Irkutsk apartments. But it must be understood that every exclusive thing, be it a car, jewellery, an object of a harbor... has a price, thanks to its uniqueness and inability.