Новогодний дизайн квартиры

New Year

как украсить квартиру к новому году: прихожая

How to steal the apartment by the next year:

The first thing anyone's gonna see, coming to your apartment, is the front door. That's why we're suggesting that we start stealing the apartment from her. One of the most traditional decorations for the front door is vein. It is believed that the vein not only decorates the house and recalls the holidays to come, but is also a symbol of the joy and hospitality of the hosts and their willingness to share the holiday with guests.

Classical style lovers will probably have to taste a traditional vintage with red balls and bells.

КАК УКРАСИТЬ КВАРТИРУ К НОВОМУ ГОДУ: Праздничный столAnd if you like modern and arthaus style and, moreover, don't be afraid to take any chances, try to bleach the vein. with your hands.♪ What do you have associated with the winter's main holiday? It could be anything, starting with horses and jacks and finishing soft toys in the form of reindeer and ows. For example, we can make a vein of trees, snowflakes or even mandarin.

The door is not limited to a vein, but it can be hung on anything, most importantly, to be connected to the New Year.

КАК УКРАСИТЬ КВАРТИРУ К НОВОМУ ГОДУ: ГостинаяIt could be both a new year's sock or a bright balloon and an hamlet, a Deed Morose hat, a snowflake or just paper snowflakes. Such decorations will look original and show your copy style and taste, and the guests will definitely notice your endeavours, which will create a celebrity in your home.

I'm sure you'll find a way to make sure that you're not. Celebration table

Новогодние советы: как украсить квартиру к главному празднику годаThere is no holiday without a solemn stalemate, and New Year is no exception! That is why it is important to pay special attention to the decoration of the new year table. A beautiful holiday dish will help create a solemn mood, and small jewelry in a new year's theme will help you to set the right accent. We recommend that the table be painted with small trees, put on the pit of the girlands and decorative snowflies, and under the plates, you can put beautiful improvised snowflies. It'll give the original table. In the middle of the table, as a reminder of the symbol of the New Year, we propose to put a vase with the tree branches, painted by small nipples or even candies, which will be useful to you as dessert after.

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