Интерьер гостиной с 2-я диванамиHow do you design the living room?

Organization of outer space

The logic center of the living room is a place of rest with the couch group and the TV zone. Flexible furniture is better placed not linearly, but in an angle or in the form of the letter P: then seating will not focus on TV or fireplace only.

If space allows, several communication zones can be arranged in the room (for chess, tea, place before fireplace).Дизайн гостиной со 2-м светом The central couch design group of the living room usually separates the carpet or the drawing of the surface. Joined Logia is an excellent option for a winter garden and a private reading.

Combine the living room with the kitchen and the dining room.

A popular trend in the processing of interiors is an increase in space by merging from the canteen and kitchen. In large and small apartments, this creates a bright open-volume effect (the dice of the living room receives more light through the kitchen window).

A few words about the ventilation system: if combined, it must be reliable and thoughtful, otherwise all the odours from cooking will fly throughout the apartment. The extraction model shall have an air discharge function, and the recycled design shall be better off (when the air is returned after filtering).

Another serious requirement is the maximum futility of technology.

Modalities for zoning kitchen-stop-steering

Интерьер гостиной с перегородкой Дизайн гостиной и кухни Интерьер гостиной со стеклянной стеной Небольшая гостиная, совмещенная с кухней

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