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Renovation Of Low-Cost Mosquito Apartments

Modern renovation of apartments has become more marked than Soviet times. It's not just a painting and an ocular of the walls. The renovation of apartments is inherently linked to the creation of an interior design that is manipulated by its cohabitation, and so is available to rest after a sound working day. The multiple technology chain includes ideas, desires and materials. But unfortunately, she has a lot of nuances that the customer is facing. And one of them, which requires excessive caution and computation, prices that may vary very much.

In order to repair and separate apartments and offices, the company ' s employees are primarily concerned about acceptable price policies. They will always come to help their clients, correctly calculate the estimates and go to the place to determine what kinds of work is needed for the client ' s design.

Upgrading of the apartment under key - species

The Koloss construction company ' s teams perform all types of repairs: cosmetics, integrated without alteration, with complete redesign. What's a cosmetics repair? It does not require much investment, strength, lots of materials and time. The following types of work are listed: surface clearance, partial scapula; saturated carpet or linolum, laying of laminita. This includes the replacement of doors and windows, the laying of a café, the repair of sewerage.

The comprehensive renovation of apartments without redesign includes the replacement and laying of communications, the equalization of the ceiling and walls, the installation of heavy ceilings. Work is also being carried out, which also relates to cosmetic repairs.

Office repairs

The redesign of the apartment requires the harmonization of the project documents in the relevant authorities responsible for the operation of the housing stock. Substantial work is carried out to change the location of partitions, walls and communications. The redesign allows for the establishment of different areas in the premises, comfortably connecting them with each other or extraneously. A major renovation of the apartments is under way, and the design is in the process of creating a completely new, completely changing room.