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Repair Of Wooden Floor In Apartment

Необходимые инструментыThe wooden floor has been used by a man since time immemorial. Closure from natural wood has been successful in competition with ever-growing new varieties. Moreover, despite the development of innovative technologies to produce different sequential materials from virtually everything, it is the wooden floor that today is a clear sign of sufficient and good taste. There's no point in pointing out that the wooden floor is very beautiful. However, sooner or later, the owner of the dwelling questions how to remove the violin of the wooden sex.

In principle, the answer to this question is quite simple. If logically discussed, the floor in the building is an integral part of the overall holistic design. Under any conditions, this design shall be naturally shifted at any time or later, causing mechanical tension.

In addition, such factors are not better reflected in wooden coating:

  • Violation of operating rules;
  • elevated humidity in the room;
  • Reduction of nails;
  • lack of closures near walls;
  • Decreasing in size(s) of board or lag;
  • Age.

Typically, the underground space has a height of 90 mm. Which means you can try to make a hard coating by filling the unnecessary cheeks of mounting foam. It should, after expansion, securely record deformed sexes. In practice, it appears that the effectiveness of this method is not very high, the foam may be mined and destroyed in the course of exploitation. I mean, the elimination of the violin is achieved only for a certain amount of time. It turns out that money was actually spent for nothing.

The problem of the " musicality " of wooden sex can be solved by beating wooden clinks between lowly fixed boards and balls or between neighbouring boards. So it'll neutralize the friction of each other or the prom. If the boards are highly prone to wear, it may be ineffective.

Attention! In order to carry out such repairs, there must be hammers, wooden clips and thieves.