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Places in Moscow that should be visited at least once in their lives

1. RAN building track

There's a small viewing site near the new RAN building that everyone knows about. From here on, the same beautiful species as the Sparrow Mountains, and even better, there are more buildings in the historical centre, the coastlines and the river itself. Places are half an hour away from each other, so you can see the sights from different angles, compare and, of course, photograph.

Address: Leninski, d. 32A, p. 1

2. Japanese garden

In this place, the time is dying: the rush and fuss of the big city have left behind the bamboo gates, and the symbolic for Japanese culture of pagodas, pavilions and bridges are being built into a condom. The garden designed the Japanese landscape architect, and it became a gift from Japan to the Soviet Union. The park is good at any time, but it's particularly beautiful in the flow of the Sakura, early in May: there are only about 250 trees, of which 40. The cherries are thriving fast, so we need to cover the day and join the Japanese culture.

3. K. Melnikov Architect House

Melnikov's house is widely known abroad as one of the most important samples of the Soviet vanguard, but Moscow itself knows little about it. Disein, inspired by a futuristic theme, makes the building look like a spacecraft. Inside, the house is as interesting as the outside: the space is so diverse that the architect even offered a bonus to someone who understands how many floors. The Melnikov Museum is now open, and the visit is possible only with a tour and a pre-record. Address: Krivoarbat Alloy, 10

4. Prepkinka Street

Preparing is one of the oldest Moscow streets, which is a luxury and vice versa compared to the Paris region of Saint Germain. Perhaps no street in Moscow can brag about the number of stunned people and the profitable houses, such as Prepink. In addition, there is a strong connection to the literature - in the 24 Bulgak house, Professor Preraveszhenski was settled, and many writers referred to her in their works.

5. Moscow planetarium

In the main planetary of Russia, there are large and emerging space paintings without leaving planet Earth. In different halls, visitors will find answers to fundamental questions: how the universe emerged and if we are alone in it, how we created life and why stars fall. Here, you can learn from unusual scientific experience, touch the debris of meteorites and, of course, observe the telescope for heavenly lights.