Ремонт квартиры своими руками

Removing The Apartment With His Hands

Ремонт своими руками, двушка 59 кв.м.(с новыми фото)Four years after the repairs, when the passions went down, the force and the nerve cells recovered, I can easily show and tell you about the personal experience of repairing my apartment.

The renovation was started in October 2008, and we moved in late December 2008 with one unremoved room, moved without fixed doors or ceilings. The repairs were completed in the course of the year, and they're done.

We didn't have the Disener, we made it all up ourselves, and the repairs were done with their hands (on a few jobs that we couldn't do), although they didn't work at all.
BS17's 17th floor house. Two rooms, 59 square metres without a lotion, a sanitary strip, all the walls sucking, two lotions. On the picture number two.

They didn't invite them, they made them. Although, in general, it has been quite prudent, some mistakes have not been avoided.Ремонт своими руками, двушка 59 кв.м.(с новыми фото) For example, we wanted to put the front door from NEMA, a good defence class, thousands for 55 RF roubles (at 2008 prices), but its construction and installation took a month. We couldn't wait a month because we just took a vacation to repair. The door to the apartment was just a cardboard, it wasn't closed, it wasn't possible to leave the building materials, and we ordered a simple metal door in three days, with a normal black dermantine, for 9,000, temporarily. That's how we stayed. It's always going on.

I can definitely call a violin bath from the jacuzzi. Jacuzzi is an evil for the master. To clean up a system of pipes where water is stiff, where mud and microbes are collected, is problematic. Take a tub from the jacuzzi, please just let it take half an hour to wash the chlorine or Domestos system, then weed, washed. So much water, so much time. No, I'm not buying any more jacuzzi. And the bath is just a plain corn.

Ремонт своими руками, двушка 59 кв.м.(с новыми фото) Ремонт своими руками, двушка 59 кв.м.(с новыми фото) Ремонт своими руками, двушка 59 кв.м.(с новыми фото) Ремонт своими руками, двушка 59 кв.м.(с новыми фото)

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