Фотография небольшой квартиры

Disein Interior Of Small Apartments

55 square metres in Frunzen

It was a standard two-room apartment with rooms of equal size and a small kitchen. Disayner Olga Litvinova proposed a radical redesign: an isolated bedroom appeared in the kitchen, a full-time job in the living room space was organized on a long window. The designer ' s foundings are steam al-radiators and mirror walls across the windows that multiply the amount of sunlight and visually dissolve the wall: the apartment seems to be more simplic than in real life.


56 square metres in the old cream--

A flat with very low ceilings and tiny kitchens. Disayner Olga Khovansky offered the client a solution with an unusually transformable table. Furniture rollers are moved along the kitchen window and the living room (the window has had to be reduced slightly to meet the height of the traditional table). Now, depending on the master ' s tasks, the table can be transformed into three independent mini-centres or a total meal.

36 square metres in the Nicolaev House, Moscow

This tiny new designer, Elena Queen, has been scrutinizing under the loft, using an old-fashioned nineteenth-century brick taken from the bottom line. He was disbanded on the plate: the thin cover does not eat the volume of the room. But most epatic is, of course, the design of the sanusla-- rooms with glass walls. With all its exoticity, this decision made it possible to visually unload a small apartment (it does not seem " cut " into small segments). The glass is electrochemical: one push of the button on a remote remote remote remote, it becomes mat and vice versa.

Personal Designer's apartment Ekaterinburgh, 56 square metres

Nikita Gillakov bought an apartment in an old house in a very sadly abandoned state. After three construction garbage trucks were removed and the walls were cleared of ugly plastic panels, a fabulous, beautiful reference red layer was discovered. Disiner decided to legislate him and to lay the foundation for a future design project. In order to maintain the mood, an antique old servant was bought, some of the objects were found on European barrels. In order not to smash the precious red layer, an exterior divorce of the electricity was performed.

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