Дизайн интерьера маленьких

Diseine Interior Of Small Apartments

It's only until April 30!

Your design-project with a 50 percent discount!

The lack of space will become a deficiency of undeniable dignity if the design of small rooms is a professional. The smaller the space, the more rational the use of every inch and every detail in the interface must be carefully checked. The HarantstroyComplex team is an interior virtuos. We've been designing small rooms in Uf for 10 years and successfully combining high-quality separation with its affordable cost.

How's the room design going?

We take orders. design projects small accommodation and office space, apartments and private houses.

The designer faces the challenge of making the interior not only aesthetic, but also a convenient one, so we use a few tricks when projects are being developed:

  • Carbon furniture, mirror closets and seat cages help to save space.
  • The design of a small room requires a bright colour gamma - dark tones visually compress the distance.
  • The mirrors create a simplicity effect. Having a nice mirror, a specialist makes an office or a living room bigger and brighter.
  • Loud furniture should be removed from the interior, or you'll be hit and touched.

HarantStroyComplex benefits

Our company is not just a small room design firm in Ufe, we offer a full set of space-cleaning services. The Disiner will create sketches and visualize the project so that you can clearly assess the result before the repairers put it into practice. We'll pick materials and furniture, and the repair team will be working on the black and final division, performing cosmetic or major repairs.