Ремонт в квартире студии

1 Room Apartment Of The Studio Photo

The one-stop shop interface is built on the geometric, floating and conglooming lines, which, by contrasting and interacting, create new volumes and effects. The special originality and some " cosmic " mood gives the apartment a wall penny with an unusual drawing.

In the photo:

Details of the apartment: 1 room Sanusle studio in the center

Owner information: Young couple

Client wishes: in the calm tone

Disayer Alexei Szhirya did not accidentally call his interior as " autumn " : it predominates the shades of beige and sulphate tones, soft textile, natural wood. The project ' s sponsor was expected to face an instant planning task related to the location of the Sanusla, which is located in the centre of the apartment. In addition, one of the bathroom walls that comes out of the way has a rounded shape (there is an oval bath). A single-communate apartment design is built on the cycling of round and straight lines. The space is organized according to the studio, the living room and the kitchen are reciprocally incorporated, and the bedroom is separated from the public area of the sliding partition.

The location of kitchen equipment along the wall is a common reception, often used by architects designing single-room apartments. Working space, washing, built-in equipment, everything is fairly simple and freely... But where's the stove?

For the stove, there was a place in the structure, which is both the barbaric surface and the dining table and the storage module. In this picture, the author plays the lines and forms, combining the different lighters, emphasizing the contrast of geometric furniture and the spiral painted on the wall. An element of this game was the extract that needed to be placed above the stove.

In the bedroom, the complex form of the bed and the round edge of the ceiling are contrasted with straight lines of window and partition. The distinctiveness of the zone has been underlined by colonialism: the calm preduced tone of the gamma white and gamma.

In the bathroom, the main color was white. For the floor, to preserve the totality of space, Alexei Shiny chose the same brown laminate as the whole apartment. The main role here is the shape of the wall, the round contour of the wall, the oval bath on the cubic postage, the flat pot of the sink.

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