Дизайн ремонта двухкомнатной

Two-Room Apartment Repairs

Order low-cost designs for professionals registered with Yudu two-room apartment repairs♪ The master will do the work in a qualitative manner, taking into account all your demands and wishes.

Professionals can be called to any address in Chelabinsk. The Master accepts applications 24 hours a day, no breaks and weekends. Udou ' s perpetrators are on call, with all the necessary estimates and repair planning.

Types of repairs

The masters registered with Udu will design the renovation of a two-room apartment of any difficulty. Order their services if you need to repair the following types:

  • Cosmetics
  • capital
  • Euros
  • Designer
  • Partial

All repairs must be carried out professionally. The Udu-registered masters will design a renovation project and help you make every effort.

Joint housing project

The standard twos in Chelyabinsk have a co-planning room. Specialists registered with Udu will develop the individual design of the 2-room " key " apartment by carefully considering redesign. If you need to replant a two-room apartment in a cave, the master can do the following work:

  • Combination of kitchens and living rooms
  • Consolidation of the living room and bedroom
  • Hotel and Balcona

The renovation of 2-room apartments by professional specialists is tailored to the needs of all residents. If you have a big family and kids, the master will design spaces with maximum comfort for the babies. For model projects, a special software is used to visualize design.

Separate housing project