Дизайн 1 комнатной квартиры

1 Studio Apartment

Юрий и Ксения Громовы - Дизайн студия Евгении Ермолаевой. Картинка 2We own a small single-room apartment in a new construction site of 34, 1 square metres. This is our first apartment and experience with repairs, especially from zero, we have not. To facilitate repairs, it was decided to find a specialist to develop a detailed implementation plan. And our choice stopped at Evgeniya Ermolaeva Design Studio. We met with the Eugene designer at the site, told us about our interests, wishes and tastes. And work began to create an interior of our dreams.

There were no problems in design-project design, full understanding, continuous communication with future interior discussions. I would like to point out the quality, detailed visualization. The Eugenia has defined the general conception (contempore and eco-style), creatically played all the minuses of the space, turning them into pros and pros, patienced all our parishes, and in the end, we have received an individual and special design project that has already begun to be implemented. There are minor problems in the design project when some planned items cannot be implemented for technical reasons. Therefore, if the funds permit, we recommend that the author ' s supervision be ordered. Unfortunately, we didn't, but

Eugenia's kindness has actually changed the design of the Sanusla. Why would she be so special?
Some designers are designing a project for " project " and disconnected from reality, while Eugenia is one of the designers who primarily think of client interests.

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