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Disein Of A Small Studio Apartment

Do you live in a small apartment? Then you don't know how difficult it is to set up and decorate such tiny dwellings. This explains the desire of the owners of the apartments to undertake complex alterations with the demolition of the walls. It is not an exception to the combination of the bathroom and the toilet. In typical apartments and the bathroom, and the toilet is so small that you walk into one of the premises, you're at risk of getting right through the door. Often the sanusla area is only 1 m2 in the bathtub, it does not exceed 2-3 m2. In such circumstances, it is difficult to speak of beauty and convenience.

This article deals with the advantages and disadvantages of redesign, the legality of these activities and the possibility of combining the toilet and the bathroom.
Merits and shortcomings of reconciliation

Merits and shortcomings in redesign

First of all, I want to point out that the replant has not only dignity, but also some shortcomings. These facts should be considered for repairs. On the plus side, the most obvious is the savings on the separation of one wall, which will be completely removed and the acquisition of doors, because only one doorway will be required when the bathroom is combined.
Pay attention! The main advantage of uniting is the increase in the useful area. This decision will allow you to install a washing machine in the room, move the bath and consider designing the premises.

Nice options for designing the bathroom interior can be seen in the photo. Typically, there are unjustifiably many places in typical communications lounges. Often their location is illogical. When redesigning, you will have a unique opportunity to replace the pipelines and to place them as comfortable as you can. Thus, it is possible to maintain and repair the sanusla as necessary.