Интересные идеи для дизайна

50 M2

It's two apartments 40000 rubies/mes.
1st Rabfak Alley 3. Proletarian.
There's a room two. New house (17 floors) •
A 65m2 apartment on the 11th floor. • 5 minutes to the Proletary ∙
1 min to CAD (Vantum Bridge) • Ti region *
new hypermarket at 300 m. • Protected area with parking space a/m.
(Regulated gate and baton) • Children ' s Land
Video observation: 2 elevators, etc.
Metal Door • Own Design • Hotel Kitchen
Leather couch with bar, 2 sp.b.
Leather relayer ∙ Thermal fields ∙ Heavy ceilings •
Bar (natural border) • Subconnic (natural border) •
Black acrylic kitchen (natural granite) •
Build, imported: oven, VHF, refrigerator, dishwasher, induction plate)
♪ Washing machine • Kuler with built-in bottle
3D TV Panasonic 50 with Internet (2 couples 3D points) •
TV "Sony" - 42 with Internet (in the bedroom) • digital HD TV (150 channels) •
Hi Fi musical center "Sony"
Optical fibre Internet, Wi Fi (route) • Multimum Digital Displayer (in the bedroom) •
2 Sanusla: 1. Jacuzzi with audio+racovine 2. Unitasis+dusted cabinet with audio+racovine •
Boiler • Electrical adjustment in height and shape of bedrooms (each) •
Cooking equipment: Cooked dishes, Dured Vessel ∙ All domestic appliances: phens, ducks, massagers, drifters, etc.
Balkon with a visible Isaacian cathedral.
Support for the rental of private housing in the SPB and LO for only 50 per cent
The commission is not dependent on the cost you chose!
Telephone; /8-965-033-31-10.# 50 per cent
Fresh and profitable quarthrp and rooms!