Классический дизайн квартиры в

Classic Apartment Design

Классический дизайн интерьераClassic interior style is over five centuries. Historians of design believe that his origins lie in the luxury chambers and halls of the 16th century. The basic features of the classics are symmetry, solemnity, luxury, glitter and abundance.

Disein at home in classical style

The classic in the interior requires a careful treatment of the petty, because style does not like the dangers and excesses.Дизайн гостинной в классическом стиле Professional classical designthat's a lot of trouble for domestic equipment. Her face doesn't fit into classic canons, violates her image.

The main objective of the Disener of the interior, especially in the kitchen, is to find a solution to the placement of domestic machinery in such a way that it does not become an alien body and does not violate the harmony of style. Special " disguise " techniques, such as movable boxes, blocks and niche, are used.

Дизайн кухни - классикаUsually, the design of an interior in classical style is designed so that eyes fall on the sculptures, on-ground vases, pictures, dishes, lighters, but not on a plasma television whose publication is completely immune to the beauty environment. At the same time, without technical devices, the modern man will not be spared, which means they also need to find a place in the interior.

Classical residence

Classic design style isn't for everyone. This is one of the strongest interrier styles, indicating the viability and adequacy of the owners of the apartment or house. As well as their sophisticated tastes and tantalized bulbs.

Note that the design of the classic living room will require substantial costs. The classics do not use the budget severance. If you think it's the most appropriate thing for you. interior design - Classics, prepare to make a round sum for natural material of good quality. Read the Interrier as a provonce style

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