Как выбрать дизайн квартиры

How To Choose Apartment Design

Whether you have such a joyous occasion as moving to a new apartment or just wanting to notice, the choice of the interrier style is one of the most important and most interesting moments in planning future housing. Steel as many as you can pick one?

Expand the horizon

If you're reading Quarttblog, you don't have to get into trouble with this paragraph. We write a lot about different styles, take their advantages and disadvantages. Specially, to make it easier for you to cover all the diversity and choose your favorite, we've released a series of Hyde styles:

More useful references to details of different styles, you'll find this article downstairs.

To collect samples

The simplest option for you would be if you fell in love with some picture interior. Look for ideas on design portals, magazines and image aggregators (e.g. pinterest.com, many help to determine preferences). You probably won't find in one image the embodiment of all your ideas and dreams, just keep pictures of what you liked about them. Looking at them after, you'll probably find that they have a lot in common - that's the style point you're close to.

Listen to yourself.

Your future apartment should reflect, first and foremost, your habits, fascinations and lifestyles. If you travel a lot, and it's hard for you to stay away from bringing a suitcase of souvenirs or even taking a unique item of furniture, then you'd better give up the minimalyst styles or styles that have clear rules for furniture and decor. You may be approached by ethnic directions, boho or even by eclectics.

If you don't really like to get out of here, you know, with the vitiava furniture, a lot of textiles and accessories, you'll be very disappointed when you realize how much you're going to be leaving. Scandinavian style, contemporari and loft, for example.

Listen to yourself and think about what you're getting into, because the styles have specific feelings. If you're natural, you'll get an eco-style or a Russian. To the village simplicity, country and prom. An exquisite old man is a vintage and a shabby schik. To technological modernity, hai-tex and contemporari. Love a country, borrow the elements of style from the locals.

Practical points

Unfortunately, desires are always limited by real factors. For example, its adjustments make the marking of a future apartment and the ceiling height. Some stylishes on small areas will not be able to turn around, will push space even further.