Economies Of Class

19 square metres in Paris: bedroom on the second floor
This studio in Montmartre is an example of literate treatment of non-standard space. A high ceiling room (under 4 metres) the master decided to renovate so that the guests could be safely accepted. The engineers offered to use the ceiling height and to equip the apartment with an additional bedroom, right on the wing. The antresole is divided into two blocks. These steps are another piece of the project: one block is a top dress cabinet, and the other one is smaller for underwear and other things. Access to storage spaces is open from all sides: the lowest steps are sliding boxes, and the remaining space has spray doors.

From the point of view of colority, the project is in a traditional manner for small spaces: a warm tree on the floor, light walls and dark accent, emphasizing the volume, in this case, the table and effective bar chairs are part of the project.