дизайн 3 х комнатной квартиры 78 кв м

3-Room Interface

This project is an excellent demonstration of the lacinocular modern style. The light cutting is a great background for furniture items in modern performance.

In the photo:

Light shades change the interrier radically - not only visually expand space, but also create an uptight mood.

Details of the apartment: 3-room space
120 square metres

Owners: A young family of three.

Client wishes: maximise living space, make the interrier light and transparent.

Disein project 3-room apartment.

Here. design
A 3-room apartment uses the idea of a smooth transition of one space to another. The SNOU project architects offered to remove the extra bulkheads and doors, leaving rooms alone -- bedrooms and bathrooms. All other premises have been combined into a single space where the loll flows smoothly to the living room, the living room to the dining room and the kitchen in turn to the bar zone.

The theme of the smooth transition is also addressed by the floor: the whole apartment has been stacked. The walls in the public area are decorational. Close tone and defective materials create a sense of space integrity, and only the bathroom is solved in contrast to the main interface.

Some simplicity and directness are mitigated by the introduction of furniture and bionic lighting sources into the interior.

Thanks to the light cutting and built-in closets with mirror doors, a small conch looks simplic and air.

Multi-level lighting allows different light scenarios to be developed.

A low functional partition with a TV plasma attached to it is used for soft zoning of the kitchen and the living room.

On the side of the kitchen, a quick snack bar has been installed in the partition.

Round mirrors visually expand the bedroom space.

The bedroom in this apartment has a flower-circuit. In this bedroom, the main color - the white, rare color accent - is saturated by the chocolate shade.

In the second bedroom, two colours are approximately the same proportion, at least while the curtains are locked.

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