Дизайн квартиры студии в 20 кв.м. 5 проектов с фото

20 Metres Of Design

20 square metres is a very microscopic area. But this apartment can be made fashionable, beautiful and convenient. The original design of the apartment 20 square metres is the " Utage House " studio project developed for a young English teacher who is interested in Finnish epics and a synthesized game. The directors were able not only to create a comfort space for life, but also to write the master's enthusiasm into the interior.

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This looks like a 20-km apartment that you see in the photos. And in a small space, you can place all the life you need for comfort if you can arrange it properly.

? Mirror and mirrors again! The scafe shop in the whole wall with mirror doors widens the space on the same side and two mirrors on the couch to the other. With the reflecting surfaces, it's important not to override them by intersecting their mats, otherwise there's a mirror maze.

A blatant mosaic that's scattered from the windows, multiplying the light into the room. To save space, the window man turned into a synthesizing table.
The radiator's velocity shuttle, the designers made a bright accent, a few of them in the apartment, a contrast with a bright gamma, they make space voluminous. And the bare through the length of the shape also visualizes the boundaries of the room.

The colored gamma of the apartment also works to expand space. The main color in the interior is white, coloured accents are displayed with different shades of syrene, purple and gray flowers. Cold and bright paints create a sense of ease. Green plays an important role in the colony, with a sense of cozyness and comfort.

The walls turned into an original penny. On the white background, quotations from the Finnish epic of Kalewala, the favourite work of the master. On a large white paper, the letters are like hanging in the air. The effect is enhanced by lighting.

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