One Room For Three Photos

A room plan with furniture to reluquinge.

In the photo:

Single-room apartment (photo)

Look at the pictures of the interiors of small single-room apartments, and you'll be surprised how many ideas can be found for even these compact rooms. Our specialists, who have great experience in dealing with such objects, know how to hide from the outside what should not be seen and, on the contrary, to focus attention on the details that deserve it. How do we manage to do that? The director is experimenting with decor, art objects, lighting and flowers. In addition, the master works in the following areas:

  • Connection to the general idea and concept of all the customer ' s wishes, all the fragmented parts and fascinated pictures with ready interfaces;
  • A literate and harmonious combination of functionality and decorativeity, the correct setting of main and secondary points, the introduction of existing objects into a new environment;
  • Design, taking into account all the nuances and possibilities of a particular apartment, while general advice and recommendations are provided on the Internet and magazines;
  • Consistency of planning and implementation of planned, phased implementation of all technology processes;
  • To obtain a permit for all repairs without fibre and virtually no option;
  • The introduction of completely new materials or concepts of design, technology or any elements of an environment that are not easily known to the professional;
  • Estimates and precise calculation of financial costs, prevention of unsuccessful solutions, search for alternatives in the case of too high prices.