Ремонт в квартире дизайн кухня

Design Repairs

Previously, veins and meteel were of special, sacramental importance. With their power, they've driven evil, they've been spared, and they've made money. There are many plots of vein that our ancestors used to attract wealth and wealth.

What's going on with the nutrients, the Blossom and the cutting edge:

On the departing Moon, sweep the whole house with a vein, concentrate all the trash at the entrance to the house right outside the door. The threshold is considered a boundary between two worlds. Collect the trash in the socks, throw it in the bag and move along with it to the front of your house with the words " The trash, good to good. No other evil, I'm going where it came from. " The consor will take it outside with the vein. Go home without looking.


There was a ritual in the old age, which led to the profits of the richer and successful people. To this end, the vein was taken, to the fence of a lucky man's house and began to vengeance at the calibre, by conferring a plot on the vein: "You're taking good luck." The collected land was taken to their homes and dumped in their trash. The trash should sleep overnight. You can throw it out. Of course, taking your luck this way, I don't think it's possible. But taking some luck without harm to a happy neighbor is real!

I'd like you to know what you're doing.

If you want not only to clean the house, but also to attract money, people's wisdom recommends that we take into account the cleaning of the days of the week.

You can't get revenge on Monday. You can lose money.

On Tuesday, revenge can be found. This day, we can find last year's stash or lost money.

On Wednesday, cleanup, trade is going to be good. By taking the floor on this day, you can attract good luck in business and sales.

There's no money out on Thursday. To this end, all windows are opened so that dust, loss energy and gender poverty can come out through the window.

On Friday, losing money.

On Saturday, the vein is to call money.

On Sunday, revenge is a fever problem. This day wasn't meant for cleaning.
Use hydrogen in the household!

Switch hydrogen in the kitchen.

1. Switch perfectly with the disinfection of the cut boards and other surfaces, destroy harmful microbes, salmonella and coca bacteria.

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