Ремонты квартир дизайн

Design Renovations

How do you choose the style of your future interior? First, we need to figure out the styles.

Let's start with Scandinavian. This northern and light style is filled with natural materials - wood, cotton, light stone, glass.

Scandinavian furnace is as simple as possible, but functional. Each room needs a balance of storage systems and free space.

It's very important to fill such an interrier with light - the windows need to pick lung curtains from the lion or cotton, and at night turn on the torches and nights. Several lighting levels and internal lighting of closets and stores are another important feature of the northern but modern style.

For walls, it's worth choosing a white, running, light blue thing or paint. Covering the floor is a laminate or a park board of different shades, from a bright bereza to a dark oak.

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