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Small Area Apartments With Photos

If the apartment is small, it's half a win. It's a lot worse if it's also unplanned, stunning shape or, well, not bright enough. It needs to be very careful.

In the photo:

The forced partition, which separates the alks in which the bedroom was laid, resulted in one of the main decorations of this bright and fresh interior.

Subject information:
Mixture: 40 square metres
Place: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2009
Architect: Susana Sendin
Photo: Luis Visconti

In the photo: Susana Sendin, architect.

The apartment that Suzan Sendin's designer started to design wasn't the luckiest designer, like a shape and, uh, one window. In such cases, the only way out was to give up the partition, but the owner of the apartment immediately said that she was not a fan of open planning and wanted to have a separate bedroom.

Suzanne's plan is surprisingly simple and logical: under the window of the most important value in the apartment, a bright living room with a big couch has been laid. It is followed by a separate, modern kitchen bar, and the alcove has a bedroom separate from the kitchen floor with a clear wall that passes a maximum of daylight.

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The walls and most of the white and gray furniture, which always visually increases space. Don't look like a boring interior, it's a bright green accent: a carpet, a lower bar, a kitchen top, a lighter, and fun couch cushions.

Plan of premises.

The photos below describe how the architect in this particular case approached the issue of " small apartments " , a photo gallery of fragments of the interior of a small apartment shows how colour helps light and changes the perception of space.

Moving tables are a finding for those who save the place.

The kitchen has become very attractive because of the heartless salad color of the top, the bars and the lights.

The salad, by the way, the perfect color for the kitchen is especially favoured by the kitchen duck producers, so it's not gonna be hard to pick axes tone.

The wall, which separates the bedroom from the kitchen, has been removed from the acryl and has been painted by a remarkable drawing of branches. The drawing creates a complete illusion that it is a window behind which the shadows of trees stumble.

The bedroom got very compact, which could've prevented a big wardrobe. Gamma, like in the whole apartment, white and blue.