Ремонт квартир в Королеве

Repair Of Apartments To The Queen

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Each type of repair requires certain knowledge and skills, so that someone who knows how to do it should be entrusted with their implementation. The comprehensive renovation of the apartment will greatly save your time and strength. But it is important to choose the master well, because his skill and experience will depend on the final result.

Key renovation phases

Good renovation of apartments The key to the Queen cannot be implemented without a precise definition of all required steps. For each case, the list of these steps will change. However, there is a standard sequence:

  • Project development;
  • Calculation of the maintenance plan;
  • harmonization, implementation;
  • Maintenance, dismantling, engineering;
  • Maintenance, separation;
  • cleaning the apartment.

The selection of a final set of renovation services remains with the customer.

Our masters repair the apartments under the key in the Queen as well as Moscow and St Petersburg. The services provided by Udu specialists include:

  • room measurement;
  • Removal of rims and stoves (including on-board);
  • Dismantling partitions, pipes, electrical wires, plumbing;
  • Steel repairs: equalization of walls, expansion of projectiles, construction of partitions, etc.;
  • Purchase performance: wiring, stove, linoleum, ceiling paint, switching, plumbing, etc.;
  • Small repairs: piping, pearls, pens, etc.