капитальный ремонт квартир

Capital Repair Of Moscow ' S Apartments

Moscow statistics are immune. Most residents of the capital devote much of their lives to repairs. The whole point is that 20 per cent of the real property acquired in and around megapolis is new constructions where there is nothing but naked walls. The remaining 80 per cent of real estate is the secondary housing market, where there is nothing, too, that could be the basis for a happy modern life. Only 10 per cent of these premises are perfect, i.e., virtually non-renovation. Only half of them are subject to approval: the old repairs in Moscow inherited from the former masters correspond to the tastes of new owners.

Are you entering the 95% that need renovation or alteration of the apartment, home, office? We'll help you make life for repairs for comfort!

Repair! Trust us, this is an important thing to repair the apartment.

You apartment repairs requiredoffice, cottage or separate room? Maybe you just decided to change the old, irritating walls or remove the walls that embarrass your movements and shut you up with oxygen? Don't put that idea in the back of consciousness. Psychologists say that it is sometimes necessary to radically change the environment so that apathy does not flourish and that indifference to life occurs.

Of course you have three ways:

  1. To make repairs on its own, and to take leave at the expense of a minimum of six months, fully redesign your mind, develop several different qualifications, buy a set of tools and equipment, and so on;
  2. Trust the repair of your beloved housing to neighbouring Uncle Vas or who fled past the gustabiteram from former countries of socialism, which requires patience, take the same leave to control mercenaries - soldiers of good luck, stockpiled with Validol and Valerian, prepare for the national surprises of Ravshan and Jamshutah and kimble.
  3. Trust us all the actions, including protecting your nervous system.

We will help you choose or develop a new, unique, interesting, modern, functional and so on interior design, select the most relevant and best-practice construction materials, send a team of masters who have long received all the subtle questions and answers. We'll save your time, your family budget, your nerves and self-respect.