профессиональны ремонт квартир

Samara Repairs

I'm selling completely correct refrigerators for use, in working condition, clean and smellless!
At our store B/A technician's inventory of low prices in the city.
Our product has a great fortune, a good repair, a professional test. Quality! All the techs have gone through full pre-sale training!

== sync, corrected by elderman == Always a choice of technology.

== sync, corrected by elderman == The lowest prices in town.

== sync, corrected by elderman == Always clean and essential


== sync, corrected by elderman == Delivery and lifting services.

== sync, corrected by elderman == @elder_man

== sync, corrected by elderman == In the case of a guarantee, we'll come to you immediately the day after the call.
There are trucks, we're close to Park House, Fadeev 42/2, Samara Cold. There's also a choice of laundry machines from 8,000 yards, all right and good work!

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