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Renovation In A Single Room

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Causes repair of one room

Renovation of apartments with alterations or design changes is required for various reasons, which may be:

  • Buying a new apartment
  • Acquisition of an apartment in an old house with communications
  • Necessity of re-planning to unite or separate zones

In addition, renovation of apartments with alterations is simply necessary for families with children who cannot afford to buy more space.

During repairs, small sizes of single-room apartments affect the volume of simultaneous work. Most of the repairs are as follows:

  • Repair of plumbing and plumbing
  • Upgrading of kitchens with new communications as required
  • Room work

The renovation and design of a single-room apartment will be much cheaper than the larger size, as the costs are estimated at 1 square metres.

The advantages of designing a single-room apartment

Sometimes small apartments with a well-designed plan look as good as many. A single-room apartment internet can be interned with design techniques:

  • Original, modern and style
  • Suitable, functional and comfortable
  • More simplic and, at the same time, broken into zones
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