Элитный новый дом, шикарная

Diseiner Repair Of A Single Room

Disener repairs to a single-room apartment will help to make private masters registered with Udu. On the website, you can order their services to help with both major and cosmetic repairs. They also repair separate rooms in any type of apartment:

  • innovations
  • in cripples
  • Houses

Disener's renovation of a single-room apartment suggests you'll get an individualized, original interior interior that's not only beautiful, but also functional. Udu's technicians will help literate every centimetre of your apartment, and if it's small in space, visually enlarge it, improve the design, make it as comfortable as possible to live.

Core repairs

Any private master registered with Udu can order the repair of one room in Lower Novgorod under the key. Such a service would allow you to refer to a specialist all matters relating to the redesign of the apartment, from the design phase to the construction debris phase.

The repair under the key standard single room may consist of the following steps:

  • discussion of the idea of interior design, approval
  • Compilation and purchase of construction and separation materials design of one-room apartmenttheir delivery to the facility
  • Black separation of a single-room apartment (removal or construction of walls to improve planning, tidal of new floors, equalization of walls and ceilings in the apartment, electrical cables in the room, in the kitchen, in the sanusla and corridor, replacement or new engineering communications)
  • 1 room apartment in line with the individual design project
  • apartment cleaning, demolition and disposal of all construction debris

During the black separation stage, work can be done in a single room to expand its living area: the balcony to the room, the room to be combined with the kitchen and so on. Yudu's performers will be able to realize any of your original ideas. They'll do the repairs not only qualitatively, but also within a specified time frame.

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