Дизайн интерьера двухкомнатной

Two-Room Interface

The need for two-room apartments in the real estate market is primarily due to the successful balance of cost and housing. A 40-65 square metres apartment (in modern buildings up to 85 square metres) allows for ergonomic, aesthetic, convenient, functional and cozy space. Two-room apartment practically all fundamental areas, including depleted areas, and space is sufficient for different designs.

The repair and design of the internet of the two-room apartment begins with a simple question: who will live here is a bachelor, a family couple, a family couple with a child or children. It is on this basis that functional zoning of premises is directly linked: For a family with a child, one room becomes a child, the other is allocated to parents who become bedrooms and guests. Interpreting and setting up a children ' s room depends primarily on the child ' s age. For a couple or one person, the living space is logically divided into two areas, the bedroom and the living room.

Replanning is an opportunity to fundamentally adjust the existing apartment plan. On the one hand, it is possible to remedy, to some extent, the shortcomings of the area, to obtain additional space or to redistribute it reasonably. On the other hand, " subtle " the space available under the selected decoration style, which is particularly relevant if there is a desire to create a loft interface.

The possibilities of redesign may be severely limited by the technical characteristics of housing - the age of construction, the location of the loaded walls, doors and windows. In any case, re-planning (in short, any change in the existing configurations of the BTI-based facility) will require harmonization, especially if the loaded walls are affected, the plumbing or engineering communications are moved. Sometimes the cost of producing a technical opinion and new documentation may be very significant, so it should be interesting in advance whether the intended effect of such costs is worthwhile.

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