Бюджетный ремонт квартиры

Removing The Apartment By Hand

Normal housing: the apartment clearly requires repair and the money is small. How do you make a little apartment repair with your hands? It's like the simplest, obvious way: superficial cosmetics repair. I'm sorry.

However, if the calculation of labour and material consumption is calculated, it will be that by halving the cost of work and the cost of a quarter of the money, the apartment can be treated differently for a long time. As much needs to be invested, it depends on prices in the region, but the common methods that can make the apartment a cozy and elegant little, the same.

The walls in the sanusle can be replaced by a stove covered with a laminated orgy, he's hygroscopic and he doesn't need to prepare the surface.


If the balcony is to be warmed up and warmed up, it is best to do so separately from the rest and in advance: between late March and early May. The balcony outside is made up of a sydingom, but it's possible inside it, instead of a traditional MDF or a car, to sew a plywood with a smack film.

Windows and doors

By deciding how to do it. cost-effective repair of the apartmentspecial attention should be given to windows and doors: they account for a substantial share of costs. With regard to windows, the most economical option is the self-containment of wooden windows. Purchase them better in March-April when the prices of wood are falling, and put them at the end of spring at the beginning of the summer when the tree is going to dry and land. The technology of planting wooden windows in the stack is easily available to the middle-hand homeworker.

The doors will be better updated. Remember the self-prepared plywood ply? That's where they put both phases of the door on the mounting glue, putting the door off the hinge on the plastic and underneath. You can also cover the window in the intercompany door if you don't need it.

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