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Moscev Interior

дизайн квартирHave you decided to make your house beautiful and functional? You dream of the original interior? Perhaps the best way to put paint in the gray booth is to create an unusual design of the apartment interior. Qualified AlexRoom technicians have a lot of experience in this field and will create not just a design in your house, but a real design work.

The apartments permit:

∙ Monitor design at each stage and avoid unforeseen financial and time costs;
∙ Clearly visualize the future interior, understand which colours will be used, how decoration elements, furniture and other attributes will be displayed, which significantly reduces the risk of errors in the design project;
∙ Create an inexorable image with well-designed ergonomics, storage systems, etc.

Anyone. apartment design Starts directly with the development of a project that presents venting, electrical, conditioning, decoration, furniture and separation materials. The Employer is provided with several options for developing an interface in 3D format. 3D Modelling is a photoreproduction of design design design and allows for an assessment of the design from different angles prior to repairs. Depending on the level of detail, the designer lays layers with decorative components, furniture. At this stage, the employer may change the design project of the apartment, which is much easier to do than to move the apartment.

дизайн-проекты любой сложностиBy designing apartments in Moscow, specialists from the AlexRoom intern studio are focused on customer needs and compliance with the NIS. We will help to shape a planning solution based on the discussions of your wishes. The developed concept will be the basis of the design of your house and will be seen in a few stages.

Types of interior design

It's no secret that the disharmony of the shades in the house or the impeccable placement of furniture, as well as the elements of the decor, can ruin even the most beautiful design of the apartment. If this doesn't happen, you'll have to trust experienced professionals in the building. Designors take into account all customer demands and wishes, eventually suggesting several design options. Before all the work begins, we'll see not only an interior plan on the drawings, but a virtual tour on your apartment.

дизайн проект квартирыThe AlexRoom apartment is not just an effective interior, but also functional solutions that are designed to take account of the rational use of the whole area. Our specialists are doing the following:

. Compilation of technical tasks;
. Conduct of rounds;
. Preparation of documents and drawings;
. The creation of an interrier ' s matrix is the visual concept of the interior;
. Furnishing;
. Selection of decorative elements;
. Separate materials;
. Choice of equipment.

AlexRoom trainers are developing design-projects of any complexity, ranging from conventional apartments with model designs to luxury design houses. Every project is individual to us. We are designing fashion and unusual interfaces using only real separate materials and equipment, which are calculated by number and are necessarily included in the project. With a design project in hand, our specialists are making plans for repairs, setting the time frame for the project to be implemented. Depending on the level of complexity chosen, not only is the final cost of the apartment design, but also the number of project documents provided to the customer.