A Single Room With A Child

Как организовать детскую в однокомнатной квартире. Изображение № 2.The newborn doesn't take a lot of places, a half square meters under the baby's bed. But five or six months after the baby starts crawling, all of you. cozy apartmentincluding the kitchen, it's risking becoming one big children's room. The organization of children ' s space should therefore be prepared in advance. Ideally, a small “child” repair that will last three to five years.

Think about zoning.

Как организовать детскую в однокомнатной квартире. Изображение № 3.First of all, think about a convenient and correct design. Separate the children's and adult areas. An open stella, a dresser, a glass partition, a curtain. For zoning, there are also catches with ceiling and lighting: for example, parents have lust and peat, and the child has point lights and beans over the bed. In the children ' s area, there are unusual vows, but not necessarily with the children ' s drawing: better if they are combined with the common style of the apartment. It is desirable to plan at least small but different areas: play, work and bedroom. It organizes and takes order. But it's important not to overdo and turn the apartment into a shell of furniture.

Use the wall with the window to the maximum.

Как организовать детскую в однокомнатной квартире. Изображение № 4.Pay attention to the window wall. If safe windows are installed, a wide-ranging window and a Roman curtains are hung up.Normal curtains closing windows like pitis that come up when you enter horizontal warehouses. ♪ Accept.There will be plenty of room for additional layers built by lockers and perhaps even a reading lac.

Think of the use of the surface.

In small apartments, it's best to use one floor cover in all rooms, so it's a visual increase in space. The most common options are laminate, tree, lenoleum and traffic.

Laminate is a low-cost, pleasant look, but cold, loud and slippery. He can't hold the minipotops that could happen during the child's exercise. The wood floor is the greenest and longest, but it's not stiff in front of child vandalism, and it should be processed in the kitchen.

Как организовать детскую в однокомнатной квартире. Изображение № 1. Как организовать детскую в однокомнатной квартире. Изображение № 5. Как организовать детскую в однокомнатной квартире. Изображение № 6. Как организовать детскую в однокомнатной квартире. Изображение № 7.

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