Дизайн спальни

Diseine Bedroom Interior

Project author: Nikolai Zupikov.

Simple design is spacious in standard apartments with its features. First of all, such a bedroom is usually not too big in the square. It's not easy to put a lot of furniture, decor and accessories in there, it's not necessary. Balanced light, color and convenience, that's what we need to focus on. Sleep is traditionally a place of rest. Deep and healthy sleep depends directly on the bedroom design. It's checked. Contained colour gamma, expensive natural materials will be the key to success. We also need good light, different. It could be ceiling, curly, precise, etc. Such a complicated lighting scenario is necessary because in the bedroom, except for sleep, I want to read nights, like, or listen to music.

  • Project author: Architectural studio m2project. Photograph: Olga Melequescia.

    pАвтор проекта: Архитектурная студия m2project. Фотограф: Ольга Мелекесцева. /p pВ этой небольшой спальне, благодаря удачно подобранной палитре и фактурам все выглядит достаточно респектабельно. Глянец белых поверхностей, золото состаренных рам, хорошие офорты и традиционный рисунок обоев с серебром делают интерьер хотя и маленьким, но люксовым./pIn this little bedroom, thanks to a successful paltre and the defective, everything looks quite profitable. The white surface glacier, the gold of the old age frame, the good horizons and the traditional diagram of the silver walls make an interrier, albeit small, but luxury.

  • Project author: Asia Orlova. Photographer: Alexander Shevtsov.

    The simple design of the bedroom in the standard apartment is in this case built on the rhyme of stripes and cells. A large French window on the floor adds not only to the scarm, but also the volume of this small room.

  • Project author: Dmitri Kulis.

    Simple bedroom design In a standard apartment, it could be very artistic. To this end, it is sufficient to add only a few details, a lighting lamp for photographers as a torcher, for example, a copy photograph.

  • Project author: Arch.625.

    Gold, white and aloy (this is the floor) make such a small bedroom untrivial.

  • Project author: Tatiana Boronin. Photographer: Michael Stepanov.

    A classic little bedroom with white and gold (white color predominant) looks scratchy. For your information, in the winter palace, the bedrooms weren't too big, and sometimes they were just small, a cliff.

  • pАвтор проекта: Асия Орлова. Фотограф: Александр Шевцов. /p pПростой дизайн спальни в стандартной квартире в данном случае построен на рифме полоски и клетки. Большое французское окно в пол прибавляет не только шарму, но и объему этому небольшому помещению./pProject author: Olga Simagina.

    A small loft room adjacent to the depleted zone is probably meant for guests.

  • Project author: STRUCTURA architectural studio. Photographer: Vitalia Nephedov.

    The white bedroom with a hundred syrene looks great thanks to the posters, the water vase, the wall bra.

  • Project author: Alexei The Models.

    There's a combination of simple and luxury lights and Ikea lights and design chairs. Fusion is very fashionable now!

  • Author of the project: Bureau MORE DECORE Interior Design " Decoration.

    The libel never hurts the white. It's not gonna hurt the general interior of the bedroom and the good painting of the same color palette.

  • Project author: DIA architectural office.

    The genre classic is an erker bedroom, a classic style.

  • Project author: NM-ARCH architecture office. Ilya Ivanov.

    There's a siege in the bedroom, too.

  • Project author: Voronsky workshop.

    Echo's style of this bedroom is clear.

  • Project author: Marina Busel.

    The bedroom and the wardrobe are perfect. Unless, of course, you're allowed to have a standard flat area.

pАвтор проекта: Дмитрий Кулиш. /p pПростой дизайн спальни в стандартной квартире может быть очень артистичным. Для этого достаточно прибавить лишь несколько деталей, осветительную лампу для фотографов в качестве торшера, например, авторскую фотографию./p pАвтор проекта: компания Arch.625. /p pЗолотое, белое и алое (в данном случае, это пол) делают такую небольшую спальню нетривиальной./p pАвтор проекта: Ольга Симагина. /p pМаленькая спальня в лофте, примыкающая к обеденной зоне, скорее всего предназначена для гостей./p pАвтор проекта: архитектурная студия STRUCTURA. Фотограф: Виталий Нефедов. /p pБелая спальня с оттенком сиреневого отлично выглядит благодаря постерам, напольной вазе, настенным бра./p

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