Interior Renovation


Some countries have such practices: before renting an apartment after the previous tenant, the lessor makes repairs. Unfortunately, there is no such unspoken rule in Russia. It's no secret that the better the state of the apartment, the higher the rent. How to renew the apartment and not stay in the minus tells the leading designer of the Church Studio Irina Greenin.

Let's say we're gonna do it. renovation of a single room a total of 40 square metres to rent it. At Moscow rates, we'll try to improve the apartment within 120,000 roubles. In the capital, this amount will be paid for a year, as a single room with good repair within the TTC can be rented at approximately 10,000 roubles more than a " hit " one.

1. Work

If you don't need a full repair, it makes sense to abandon the construction team and hire private masters. There are now many sites like Avito Services, where the repair master offers his assistance. Make announcements with a clear description of the work required and choose from the proposals. We'll rent 30,000 roubles to renovate the apartment.

2. Sanitation

The replacement of all plumbing will be cheap, so it's better to get some of the old ones back. Cover the acryl bath (this is about 5,000 roubles). If the toilet is old, it can be replaced. The new will cost about 5,000, too. If there's no washing machine, it's probably best to buy it. You don't have to buy a new one, you'll have to pay attention to the ex-consumption. Saving at least half of the cost (for 10,000 per Avito, a good option can be found). So, you can upgrade the bathroom for 10,000 roubles (excluding the purchase of the machine).

image3. Obi

To make it easier to rent an apartment, it's better to choose neutral, no obligatory vows, no bright spots, colours or obsessions. Painting is a great renting solution. After another tenant, you will refresh the repairs, just repainting the walls. Of course, you can paint the walls without the walls, but it's probably not gonna look great unless the walls were scrutinized. The value of good material is 3,000 roubles per 30 metres. Four such rolls will be required for the entire apartment (i.e., an estimated cost of 12,000 roubles). The paint is worth another 10,000.

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