Interior Design Programme

With the help of iCanDesign, you can update your room's interior or make a completely new design.
** Annex free of charge for a semi-hour trial period **


These are some of the functions of the programme:
♪ Furniture, separation of floors and walls, addition of decor items to a simple thumb touch.
♪ Hundreds of furniture and interior
♪ It's so simple that you can. design. By not hiring expensive professionals.
- Simple and intuitive work in both 3D and 2D of the plan
♪ Abolition of any action
♪ Design gallery from other users to draw inspiration
♪ Suggest's unique technology will automatically offer a plan for your room.

The design with our application is like a game, and photorealistic images are gonna be good for 3d professionals!

Dress your designs with your friends on social media or e-mail.
Let them offer their options for your room. That's very exciting!

Additional functions, such as a complete catalogue of furniture, unrestricted photoreliable images and 3D Studio Max exports are available as separate purchases.

What's new in 6.4.6.

We are constantly improving the annex and regularly updating it. Download the latest version to use all available functions and improvements.

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