Дизайн квартиры студии 30 кв

30 Square Metres Of Design

I'd like you to help me take a look at the wall! CARTIR REMONG, from class to Euroremont.
Repair of the 1st studio to 30 square metres. Under the key 50000 roubles.
Repair of 2 to 70 square metres. Under the key, 120,000 roubles.
Repair of 3 to 90 square metres of apartment.
(values are approximate and may vary according to client ' s wishes)
The experimental team will repair your apartment from class to Euro repair to key.
♪ Let's do a technically literate 3D design project!
- Maintenance of walls, floors
- Plumbing, water divorce
- Electrical engineering
- Sex tension
- Walls, ceilings
- Stamp of walls, ceiling
-hypsocarton structures
- Noklake of the rims.
- Painting walls and ceilings
- Storage and Keramogrita
- Laminate, PVC stoves, linoleum
- Heavy ceilings
- Installation
- Let's do some work for any difficulty. bathroom repair, cosmetics repair.
- We'll make a good estimate.
- Purchase of discount material up to 20%. Report to the client on the cheques for money spent on the materials!
- We're taking care of a contract with a guarantee.
- MAN:

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