30 M2 Residence

Дизайн квартиры студии - РемстартStudio is a modern, convenient and cost-effective type of housing. This type of apartment is popular in St. Petersburg among students, youth, young couples, bachelors, people free of prejudice and extra money. There are many unique ideas that can be found to create something special in this apartment, and the studio will be truly comfortable, very attractive housing.

You want your studio apartment to look really fashionable and delicious, to be an original and multifunctional space, our specialists are willing to develop and translate such an interrier in any style that you most emulate.

Studio apartment redesign and design: big space

Repairs and design of studio apartments The question is, who will live here is a bachelor, a family couple or a family with a child. Functional space zoning depends directly on this. For one person or a young couple, it is logical to divide the space into two areas, the bedroom and the living room + the kitchen.

Дизайн квартиры студии 28 м2 с перепланировкойIf the family is with the child, redesign decisions will be required to enable the establishment of another functional area where it is comfortable, not boring and safe for the child. You think that's impossible? This is difficult, but it is very real, if redesign and design are to be undertaken by the talented and creative specialists of Remstart.

Many believe that the 25-30m2 studio cannot be expanded. However, the arts of design and construction technologies are not standing, and they allow the single apartment to make a real masterpiece that will give the masters a true comfort where space will be perceived as light, free, simple, and the guests will say "Wow!"

The 30 kv/m or 25 kv/m studio is a complex version of the interior, as it is a very small housing and needs to put everything necessary for a full life in it as carefully, functionally and in line with current interrier trends!

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